Home Demo - Tonight I Saw A Falling Star

รายละเอียด:   อัพโหลดโดย: JeffersonHart เวลา: 3:23 จำนวนคนดู: 0 น่าสนใจ: 0 ประเภท: Acoustic ดาวน์โหลด: ไม่มี

รายละเอียด: Home demo played live on a Martin HD-28 tuned to Open D and glass slide in to an AKG C-2000-B mic. Words and music 2014 by Jefferson Hart (Jeff Hart). tonight i saw a falling star just underneath the moon tears started to fill my eyes, but i toughened up too soon putting words in my mouth to someone else's tune stayed up too late and slept till the afternoon i thought out loud about how in the world you've been wondering if you worked up the nerve to have the nerve again to ruffle up some feathers, sail into the wind you can call me sweetheart, but please don’t phone it in all these so-called pretty things, these things made up my home things that brought me comfort, instead turned me to stone looked up at the evening star, how brightly it had shone and yet somehow all these pretty things made me feel alone do i have it inside of me to push my luck that far? to bring a map on purpose, to wish on a star? while i sleep tonight in the willows, too drowsy to think when it’s easier to wallow and drown these things with drink someone with more sense than me would say that i should stop time’s come to call IT a day, let’s call this thing a flop grab the ring, strike the iron, and strike it while it's hot roll in the downy meadow and sleep there when you're not you shot me back and forth, off hand across the moon re-entry in your atmosphere, should i be landing soon? our place among the stars forever & for what it's worth a spectacular view of mars and the man who fell to earth

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