Phineas and Ferb vs Dexter. Season 3, Wave 1

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รายละเอียด: Dustin as Dexter Anthony “Plushy” Perry as Phineas Fle as Ferb Dexter: I’m Dexter, remember; Child Genius, no discussion. Take some notes from Dee Dee, and learn to not push my buttons I’d tell you to act your age but maybe wait until you're older Overshadow your bitsy brain on President Lincoln’s shoulders Tedious Phineas; more repetitive than your series is A formula so simple, no wonder just toys were built with it I’m uncertain why I’ve been pit against you in this Battle Rap But judging by your intellect-- I suppose ‘Opposites Attract’ Phineas: Hey Ferb, help me search for a legitimate diss Ferb: Wouldn’t that be discovering something that doesn’t exist? Phineas: Ahh, what a fine day for giving his algorithm criticism You can’t love-handle a rap cuz this bookworm Ain’t Got Rhythm Both: You were trying for “Major Glory” but this genius inventor, Only successfully devised a lawsuit from The Avengers Phineas The same heroes that I befriended-- Ferb: Frank-einstein should be adjusted Phineas: With an ego more inflated than the Bounce House we constructed Dexter: I didn’t think a Triangle could be such a square Hey, where’s Phony Test? Oh wait, he’s right there! I despise this Dr. Doofus, even with my rude removed I’d need much less than 104 days to f*cking bust you! Phineas: For a show on Boomerang; I thought you’d have a good comeback Dexter managed to murder his show but failed to kill a track It takes more than your flawed inventions to contend to our adventures Your mad Scientist schtick belongs in the 2nd Dimension Written by Fle, Adroit, R, Vladimyr P. Audio Mixed by Fle Cover Art by Geon Jimmy Neutron: Gotta Rap! Goddard, go fetch me the microphone! Such a pro-ton, you’d copy how I rhyme and flow like my clones Phineas, your rap was tolerable but it’s such a bummer That your verses started dragging on longer than your whole summer Dorxter, I gotta thank you for coming; that’s a good call Because when I look down at you, I’m finally stood tall When I’m up against these lab rats, yo, I won’t need a Brain Blast With science I’ll explain that, you tame brats have came last Eddie as Jimmy Neutron

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