Iron Man

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รายละเอียด: Fifth Cover in a series of classic Black Sabbath Tunes. Probably the most popular Sabbath song of all time, and for a good reason. A great catchy but heavy rockin' tune with really cool story about a time traveler that gets turned to steel/Iron while trying to get to the past to warn the world of the coming apocalypse. After arriving in the past as "Iron Man", nobody listens to him and he and becomes so angered that he becomes the reason for the future's apocalypse. This is another perfect example of Tony Iommi writing a Beautifully Inspiring Guitar melody before shredding into a hot bluesy solo. Plus the most infamous vocal/speech line ever from a song. It took me forever to get as close as possible to his original sound, but Alas I am not Ozzy and can not reproduce how he sings/speaks identically, though I think the spoken intro is pretty cool anyways. All Music was Arranged, Performed, Mixed, and Mastered by Aaron Lehnen at The Realm Recordings.

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