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รายละเอียด: Following a hellacious battle with the infamous “Man-Flu”, our heroes are down, but not out, and have crawled back from the depths of hell to deliver episode 6. Fuck your tiny violins yeah! We were in a fuckin jock! Haha! They might be bit nasally, and a little bit horse, but there was no way The Lads™ were skipping a week, so the train keeps rollin’ baby! On this episode of the podcast, Dani kicks things off by performing a full audit over young Gazza’s Bumble profile producing some amusing moments between the pair before segueing into the crazy world of paedophile hunters derived from a conversation The Lads™ have about the recent video which went viral over the weekend in Dublin, which seemingly captured a legitimate predator in the wild, mid attack. His horrific actions stifled only by the great people of Tallaght performing a citizens arrest. Fair play, boys! But crazy times in Dublin though, wha! Discussed also is the incredible turn of events in which we saw inner-city heroes "Versatile" join forces with the legendary "Coolio" on their new track “Escape Wagon” and Coolio's groundbreaking declaration that Ringsend is now officialy the “Compton Of Europe”. Honestly what is happening right now in the capital? All of this leads tastefully into some insightful chit-chat about the interesting phenomena surrounding sleep paralysis and lucid dreams. Enjoy, crackers! N.B Please also consider following, subscribing and/or rating the boys on your preferred streaming service, as this really helps The Lads™ with regards to increased exposure etc.. and ultimately will hopefully help in growing the podcast and helping us continue to deliver good content for you all. Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCgza5e3GDid_qK1OU8wBhcA Instagram: @naively_optimistic

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