LeccosLemma Show 11-30-86A MSTR

รายละเอียด:   อัพโหลดโดย: LeccosLemma เวลา: 8:08 จำนวนคนดู: 0 น่าสนใจ: 0 ประเภท: old school hip-hop ดาวน์โหลด: Click here!

รายละเอียด: 2 Walking Tall tracks with Magnus intros and and extra bonus track on side B. Side A has "Go in the Store and Buy It" and side B has "Flintstones Rap" and an extra track by Killer B and DJ Fascinator from the Dis Crew that was next on the tape (after an abrupt edit). Walking Tall was Killer DJ, DMX and MC Fantasy. Apparently Walking Tall had been in recent Boston Rock article at the time. This show was pretty early in the first year at WZBC.

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