Squachek Pickles The East Coast for RVA Magazine

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รายละเอียด: Slide over here and like Squachek: http://facebook.com/squachek There are towns where culture hits you in the face and towns where you have to dig for it. There are towns where creativity feels at home and towns where those with the least bit of it are making plans to leave. Between the haves and have nots, Richmond constantly straddles the fence. The town is full of historical baggage and political barriers but also a stubborn people who are striving — successfully — to nurture all things progressive from art to music to craft and commerce. RVA helps the diggers find what they’re looking for and the doers proud to call Richmond home. Check out RVA in glorious print and at http://rvamag.com This is a mix I created for them. Can you dig it? Squachek f/LadyGirl and Chuck - Pour Up (Filthy Rehab WTF Remix) Per QX - WTF Did You Come For (Per QX & James Hurr Mix) DJ Dee Ass - Medium Of Mass Destruction Cheeky D - Make Some Noise MioMoi - Rise Of Susumu Javiero Olivs - Rock&Twins (Etc!Etc! Remix) Francesco Pergomi - $46 Per Night Koen Groeneveld - Stesstjopper Oldskool - Plugs Not Drugs Clouds - Optic Zombie Nation - Pony (Modek Remix) Funkin Matt - I Wish 1906 - The Punishment Laforcah - Aileen Hypomaniacs - Systematic (Hantise Remix) ANALyzer - Django Samples - Corporate Akkurat Eleven - Desperados Marzetti - Heavy The Squatters - What Machine / Brush Your Teeth and Dance (Squachek Mash and Rub) Filthy Rehab - Junkie Doogie Houser - Schnazzty Junk (Stupid Fresh Remix) Mudhut - Crunchy J The Mutant - Game Over (Aquilaganja Remix) Dead Prez, WTF? - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop Melanie Martinez - Toxic (cestladore remix) Afrojack - Polkadots (Bare remix of Oliver Twizt remix) Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink - CROWD CTRL SFR - Tourette Step Zaku Chan - Titty Twister BK and Klubfiller - Definatly Maybe/Boogaloo Get On The Floor (Klipar Remix) (Squachek Mash and Rub) Kitsch - Peanut Butter Jelly Time Squachek - Tsuredashi From The Party

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