The Powerful Chant (ft. Rudy Kaita)

รายละเอียด:   อัพโหลดโดย: Devil Koda™ เวลา: 6:52 จำนวนคนดู: 187 น่าสนใจ: 56 ประเภท: Historical Rap ดาวน์โหลด: Click here!

รายละเอียด: Today is more then just a holiday. Today is a day of remembrance, of a legend who shared his vision of a better nation. Have we achieved the King's dream? I say yes we have, not because we have a black President in office, but for the fact that the world is not made up entirely based off of stupidity and ignorance. I see the world in a whole different way, not what the news portrays it to be. There is some good in this world, oh yes, people are just not paying attention to it. Happy Martin Luther King Day. Sample credits to Woodkid for "Iron", Kendrick Lamar for "The Spiteful Chant", and Martin Luther King Jr. for his "I Have A Dream" speech. Photo credits belong to Martin Luther King Jr, and Kendrick Lamar. Special credits to Rudy Kaita for co-producing.

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