Dame D.O.L.L.A. - Full Stomach

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รายละเอียด: It's always room for a real one cuz you can't finesse the grind The chatter gets ignored because they hatin from behind It's gettin clear they bothered that I'm here The top in my side mirror .. Closer than it appears (Yea) And my peers they know that I don't fit the stereotype If I don't practice what I preach then you can bury me in white And the fast life infected cuz it's full of parasites Fine with sittin on the edge, I never been scared of heights Married twice to the game ... But never to the fame Flirting on occasion, cuz it double up the change Never been a sucker for love or for the gain But I been a fan of reaping the benefits for the pain Bein drained after workouts, my asthma actin up Me and Hou in elementary school had to catch the bus Thought it was normal for that age ... Helped us turn the page Went from Bein innocent kids to ready for the stage It was written ... I'd never lie to yall And even on New Years I never drop the ball Was always a misfit from what I can recall Never been a walk of life for me, it's always been a jog.. And ima tell you what you feed the mind ultimately grows I feed wisely and now I'm just reaping what I sewed Conscious rap up in my speakers, Kendrick and jcole Why they askin who the best rapper in the league when they know... Dame Lillard Stop playin... I give to em straight Call me what you want, but you can never call me fake I'm a real college grad ... And my Pockets full of cake If you don't like me... It's jealousy or a mistake I do it for the squad ... They already know CFG the clique and the jungle where we grow We beating down barriers and kickin down the door Set the game on fire ...and let it burn slow

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