M.A.D. Gyal Musings s1 ep0 - teaser: 'Shubby Ah Road!'

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รายละเอียด: After 4+ years on sitting on my extremely fleshed out #mindbeingwellness podcast idea, I'm finally ready to just do it, aka 'shubby ah road'. This is my season 1 teaser episode explaining what it's all about, how the show is structured and priming y'all for what's to come. I'm equally nervous, excited and a bit annoyed with the sound of my voice, but I'm here and I'm doing it, so if you're here, thanks for listening. Special big up to Aisha Matthews who wouldn't let up until I started recording. Love and appreciate you girl, we did that! Follow me online everywhere at @tamitsansai, buy my book here: bit.ly/HardGalFiDead and anything else about me you wanna know is right here for you to check out: linktr.ee/tamitsansai If you like it, tell a friend... we soon fwd! #madgyalmusings #MGMpodcast #mindbeingwellness

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